Spring 2020
Dear loved ones, friends and customers:

We have decided to step back from the commercial aspects of Jade Rabbit. Jeanie has moved to Asheville and is no longer in the Greensboro area.

Life has us busy with amazing new pursuits and endeavors which we are gleefully pursuing at a delightfully modest pace. Thank you for sharing whatever your path intersection was with our journey and know we cherish the love, energy and viewpoint you brought.

We won't close the business just the website and FB page as we ponder the next incarnation for our beloved rabbit. Should you need to refill any formula previously purchased just let Jeanie know at jeanie@jade-rabbit.com. We can refer you to another practitioner in the Triad area. Soap will always be made since we don't use anyone else's as seriously - there isn't any better soap than Jade Rabbit soap. Please place an order for at least a month in the future and of at least 5+ pounds.

As we continue our studies and practice in the amazing and unfolding universe of herbal plants and their many powers, we know we will see many of you again.

Until we meet again, our humble thanks and love.